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"We believe the more you know, the more you dare, do, change and achieve!"

ABRAR Solutions Limited

ABRAR Solutions Limited is a training and consulting provider that concentrates on various training and consulting services. ABRAR Solutions offers two main services of professional training and individual, corporate and business consulting. Our training course and consulting services are offered by expert trainers and consultants skilled in their chosen fields, responsive and passionate on what they do. Services provided are designed to empower, enlighten and foster the desire to achieve ambitious goals, perform best, understand best practices, motivate and inspire to think beyond the box.


Training course offered ranges from 2 to 5 days fully packed to suit your needs and leave you with extraordinary wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance, you may design your own course content or choose what you want to learn and we shall deliver one to one training, convenient to your time and budget. You may be surprised how our customized individual trainings that suit your needs have to offer.


  • To offer quality, comprehensive, effective and productive consultancy and training services.
  • To be the center of knowledge, excellence and inspiration for community.


To be a leading provider of professional training and consulting services in areas of our expertise with emphasis on excellence and competence in the development of people and organizations.


Managing Director.

Company Secretary.

IT Specialist.

Business Development Executive.

Event and Training Executive.

Creative and Graphic Designer.

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