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We have concentrated our advisory services on Islamic Finance. Our expertise ranges on diverse areas of Islamic Finance such as;

  1.  Set up of Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance, Islamic Private Equity Funds and Islamic Capital Market.
  2. Set up of Shari’ah Governance structure and framework for IFIs including but not limited to establishment of Shari’ah Boards, Sharia Board Charters and Operating Procedures and Sharia compliance management.
  3. Product Innovation and Development. We provide tested product ideas, test your product idea on a wide market, product paper write-ups, product process flows maps as well as marketing strategies and communication approach for products or services.
  4. Drafting and review of legal agreements/documents, policies, manuals and guidelines. We review and advise on drafting of legal agreements, policies, manuals and guidelines in line with Sharia rules and principles as well as interpret in simple language the meaning and implications of clauses used in Islamic Financial transactions.
  5. Execute Sharia review and Audit plans for Islamic Financial Institutions. We develop Sharia Review and Audit Charters, prepare Sharia Audit Plan, Programme and Checklist for review and audit of IFI’s products, process and procedures as well as advise on the management of Sharia non-compliance risk.
  6. Review of Marketing and communications strategies, plans, picture/images and message in line with Sharia rules and principles. We also prepare, advise and review social media strategy, image, message to enable achieve desired objectives and yet remain Sharia compliant.
  7. Review and advise academic institutions looking to offer Islamic Finance courses or programmes at certificate, diploma and degree level on:
    •  Curriculum development and course content.
    • Advise on suitable lecturers for the subject title of the course.
    • Prepare or certify list of reference materials for the courses as well as supply them.
  8. We provide preliminary (eye-opening) Fatwa or Sharia opinions for your developed Islamic financial products, processes with supporting evidences from the primary and secondary sources of Sharia. If your product proposal or issue sought for opinion is not compliant, we shall advise you how to comply with Sharia.
  9. Arbitration services. We know the importance of resolving conflicts in a win-win situation hence we can be arbitrators to resolve conflict or misunderstanding in financial transactions.
  10. Investment selection services. We advise on whether or not your desired choice of investment or financing avenues meets Sharia rules and principles.
  11.  Wealth management services. We can draft Islamic wills (wasiyya) or act as will executor, advise on financial planning strategies, zakat and inheritance calculations as well as manage wakfu properties.
  12. Recruitment and selection. We assist on the search, selection and recruitment of talented and skilled workforce for the industry.
  13. Advise students on courses to take and where to take them as well as fill in questionnaires or respond to structured interviews.
  14. Advise individuals seeking financing or credit facilities or establishing win-win relationship with Islamic Financial Institutions.


We are trusted source of supply of Islamic Finance publications in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Contact us to know our current collections or let us know the book you need and we shall source it for you at reasonable prices.

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